MP918B Pneumatic Damper Actuator

MP918B Pneumatic Damper Actuator

Code: act-MP918B1204



Product Description

Manufacturer: Honeywell

MP918A and B Pneumatic Damper Actuators

The MP918A and B Damper Actuators position damper blades, controlling the airflow through a particular portion of an HVAC system. The MP918A is the same as the MP918B with a positive positioner.

• Rolling Diaphragm operated
• Low friction shaft bearing
• Close tolerance on operating range and stroke
• Versatile mounting and connecting hardware
• Models available for use with UL classified leakage rated (smoke) dampers
• Cost efficient mounting to Honeywell dampers
• Non-overlapping spring ranges for sequencing
• Reliable—long life

Replaces Part Number: MP918B1204