P128 Series Lube Oil Control w/ Built-in 120 sec Delay Relay

P128 Series Lube Oil Control w/ Built-in 120 sec Delay Relay

Code: los-P128AA-17



Product Description

P28 and P128 Series Lube Oil Controls w/ Built-in Time Delay Relay

The P28 and P128 Series Lube Oil Controls provide dependable and economical oil pressure cut-out for pressure-lubricated refrigeration compressors. The field-adjustable pressure differential of these controls provides compressor operation according to the manufacturer’s specifications. The P28 and P128 controls operate by measuring the net lube oil pressure and de-energizing the compressor if the pressure falls below the differential setpoint.

Manual or automatic reset models are available with factory set and sealed time delays of 30, 45, 60, 90, or 120 seconds (all time delays may not be available on all models). The P128 is the same control as the P28 but with 1/4 inch male flare pressure connections.

• Built-in Time Delay Relay w/ Ambient Compensation - Minimizes timing fluctuations due to temperature variations
• Trip-free Manual Reset - Provides manual reset that cannot be overridden by pressing and holding the reset button
• Replaceable Time Delay Relay Assembly - Allows easy field replacement of the time delay relay and terminal board
• Available w/ Runlight and Alarm Terminals - Allows the control to be wired for normal oil pressure runlight signals and shut down alarm circuits for remote monitoring of oil pressure status

Replaces Part Number: P128AA-17