Combustion Valve Assembly - 120v 3/4" 3-Way Oil Valve w/Aux Sw

Combustion Valve Assembly - 120v 3/4" 3-Way Oil Valve w/Aux Sw

Code: oil-H0V13A167T15



Product Description


Hydramotor® Operated 2-Way Oil Shutoff Valve

General Description
The HOV1 is an underported, globe-type, fuel oil valve with a single, quick-opening, stem-guided seat. This 2-way normally closed, bronze safety shutoff valve features a spring-loaded stem which, upon power interruption, drives the teflon seat firmly closed within one second. The HOV1 is available with or without valve seal overtravel interlock (FM proof of closure). The electrohydraulic actuator consists of a pump applying pressure to a diaphragm attached to the valve stem. Its power unit is immersed in oil and hermetically sealed.

The HOV requires no adjustment or service. Stroke is controlled by a travel limit switch and electromagnetic relief valve. The unit rotates 360° for ease of installation. Two-wire connection via 1/2 inch threaded conduit terminal box is standard, and all units are equipped with an auxiliary switch and dust shields.

Fluid: Fuel Oil
No. 2 Fuel Oil at 60 SSU
No. 4 Fuel Oil at 300 SSU
No. 5 Fuel Oil at 5000 SSU
No. 6 Fuel Oil at 5000 SSU (Heated)
Opening Time: 7-9 seconds
Closing Time: 1 second max.
Note: Opening time increased 20% with 50Hz.
Enclosure: Type 1 General Purpose
Ambient Temperature: -10°F to 125°F (-23°C to 52°C)
Fluid Temperature: 267° max.
Body/Trim: Bronze, 300# screw
Seal Material: PTFE
Port Size: 9/16"
Electrical Power Requirement: 158 VA
Standard Voltage: 120V/60Hz

Auxiliary Switch: One integral SPDT switch, 7.5A@120V, 3.75A@240V, (900VA max). Switch actuates at energized end of stroke (not adjustable). Proof of Closure Switch: (Valve Seal Overtravel Interlock): Optional factory set non-field adjustable SPDT switch, 15A@120V, 7.5A@240V (1800VA max.).

UL listed
FM Approved
CSA Certified to:
1) Standard C22.2 No. 139 “Electrically Operated Valves, File 113070.

Replaces Part Numbers: H0V13A167T15