Pilot Generator 750 Millivolt Replacement Cartridge

Pilot Generator 750 Millivolt Replacement Cartridge

Code: plt-101934F32



Product Description


White Rodgers Universal Pilot Generator Replacement Cartridge


Thermopile Generator contains multiple thermocouples connected in series to increase the millivoltage output. The power generated is sufficient to operate an automatic millivolt gas control system, independent of any outside power source.


Push-in clip, split nut, and adapter assembly for easy pilot burner installation. Spade or quick-connect terminals available for millivolt gas control connections. Male nut connector for Pilotstat® safety control power units. Available in a variety of lead lengths.

Generator Description:

750MV Ppowerpile
Generator W/36" Leads and PG9 Adapter.

Product Specifications:

Voltage 750 mV
Connection Type Spade Terminals
Lead Length (in.) 35 in.
Lead Length (mm) 889 mm
Open Circuit Output (mV) 600 mV to 750 mV
Resistance 2.89 ohm
Temperature Ratings (F) Hot Junction 1400 F
Temperature Ratings (C) Hot Junction 760 C
Temperature Ratings (F) Cold Junction 780 F
Temperature Ratings (C) Cold Junction 416 C
Includes PG9 adapter (part no.393948)
Used With Q314, Q324, Q327, Q377, Q379, Q382 Pilot Burners

Used in Furnace Models: 3509622, W355D, 320FD.

Used In Fireplace Models: VYGF33NRA

Replaces Pilot Generator Part Numbers:

Q313A0122, Q313A1022, ANS Z21.20 101934F32, Q313A1139, G01A-332, G04A-502, 1950-532, G01A-505, Q313A1170, Q313A1139, Q313A1188, A-1950-532, A-1950-001, G01A-332, PG-36

Replaces Part Number: 101934F32