36" 250 Milivolt Generator, Threaded

36" 250 Milivolt Generator, Threaded

Code: plt-G251R36S



Product Description

G251 250 Milivolt Pilot Generators

G251 Pilot Generator 250 Millivolt Cartridge males treated end.

Replaces former G250 Generator.
250mV Generator Designed for Single Function or Combination Gas Valves


• For single function gas valves (B60Y84).
• For combination gas valves (B67).
• For thermomagnetic safety valves (MR2YA) relays.


Output: 250 millivolts nominal, open circuit
Connector: A Terminal, F Spade Clip or R Bushing
Lead Length: 13” to 16”– Fiberglass leads
Agency: IAS certified
Terminal for thermomagnetic safety valves and relays, screw-in terminal.
Replaces Pilot Generater Part Numbers:G251R3GS, G251R245, G251636S, G251R13V, G251R24S, G251R36S, CARL36459, CARG251R13V.

Used In Williams Equipment Model Numbers: 50GV-5 50GV5

Replaces Part Numbers: G251A36S, G03A-503


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