Pilot Generator - PG9 Series

Pilot Generator - PG9 Series

Code: plt-PG9A27JTL022



Product Description

PG9 Pilot Generators

Provides a pilot flame for igniting gas burners while generating milivolt output to operate gas valves and relays.

• Single blue flame burner for quiet operation and maximum flame stability.
• “Snorkel” primary air path incinerates dust eliminating linting problems.
• All models provided with orifice base fittings for Natural and LP.
• Flame ring surrounding generator ensures high output and extended generator life.
• High temperature stainless steel generator cover.

• Output Voltage - 750 milivolts nominal, open circuit
• Leads - Standard: 2-wire, 32” with F spade clip type connections
• Base Fittings - Straight type for 1/4” O.D. tubing, compression nut included
• Head type - Channel
• Porting - 90° right and left, 3/4 inch head width
• Orifice - 0.022

Replaces Part Number: PG9A27JTL022