Air Switching Cumulator

Air Switching Cumulator

Code: pne-C-9506-1



Product Description


C-9506 Air Switching Cumulator

The C-9506 Air Switching Cumulator is an auxiliary device designed to switch its output pressure from zero to full supply pressure when the pilot pressure reaches the switch point. It is ideally suited for exhaust damper applications requiring a high output volume for quick operation. The switch point is factory set at approximately 9 PSIG (63 kPa) and is adjustable from 2 to 12 PSIG (14 to 84 kPa). The C-9506 also doubles as the unit replacement for all models of D-9502 and V-9502 Positioners.

The C-9506 is a two-position device with a 1 PSI (7 kPa) differential. When the pilot pressure is below the switch point, the output will be zero. As the pilot pressure rises above the switch point, the output will switch to full supply pressure. When the pilot pressure drops to 1 PSI below the switch point, the output pressure will drop back to zero.

Note: The C-9506 should not be activated by a transmitter or low-sensitivity controller. A low volume input change could cause the instrument to cycle.

The C-9506 is designed for mounting in any position using the two mounting holes in the base of the instrument. Allow enough clearance for cover removal and switch point adjustment. Air connections are made to barbed fittings for 5/32 or 1/4 in. O.D. polytubing.

Note: The calibration procedure below should only be followed when the C-9506 is used as an air switching cumulator. To calibrate the C-9506 when it is used as a positioner, refer to Product Data D-9502 and/or V-9502 for the proper procedure.

To adjust the switch point of the C-9506 air Switching Cumulator, proceed as follows:

1. Furnish 20 PSIG (140 kPa) to the supply “S” port.
2. Apply the desired switch point pressure to the pilot “P” port.
3. Remove the cover and turn the adjusting screw counterclockwise to increase or clockwise to decrease the switch point until the output pressure switches to 20 PSIG
Note: The output pressure reading can be taken either using a pressure gauge in the output line or at the hypodermic needle test point on the cumulator body.
4. Increase and decrease the pilot pressure to check the switch point differential of the C-9506.

Replaces Part Numbers: C-9506-1