Air Flow Controller, 6-12"

Air Flow Controller, 6-12"

Code: pne-R-317-7



Product Description

R-317 Air Flow Controller

The R-317 Air Flow Controller is a proportional, direct acting, low volume output signal instrument designed to proportionally control the volume discharge in high velocity mixing units. The R-317 measures the differential between two static pressures and produces an output signal which is proportional to the differential of the static pressures. The R-317 is suitable for control of duct pressures, air flow (as a static pressure high limit), or for use with all makes and types of mixing units in which the volume can be controlled by measuring a pressure differential

The R-317 consists of three chambers divided by two very light diaphragms. A response to pressure differences between the high and low static pressures causes movement of the diaphragms. A seat located in the center of one diaphragm opens or closes the control port. This action varies the output pressure to an actuator directly connected to the dampers which control volume discharge. The R-317 is direct acting only; therefore, an increasing differential pressure increases the output pressure to the actuator while a decreasing differential decreases the output pressure to the actuator. Movement of the diaphragm is opposed by a light extension spring. This spring is diaphragm is opposed by a light extension spring. This spring is diaphragm is opposed by a light extension spring. This spring is attached to a dial etched with nineteen equal graduations. The set point is varied from one end of the range of pressure differential to the other by one complete revolution of the dial.

Note: Never adjust the dial more than 360° in either direction from the factory setting.

The R-317 may be mounted inside or outside the mixing unit. The air flow controller is calibrated for vertical mounting and may require recalibration if it is mounted with the diaphragms in the horizontal position. It can be rotated to any of four positions for convenience in piping. Note: It is imperative that the proper pressure sensing tip be used with the R-317.

Replaces Part Numbers: R-317-7