Pneumatic Pressure Transmitter, 0-50 PSI

Pneumatic Pressure Transmitter, 0-50 PSI

Code: prc-P-5210-1004



Product Description


P-5210 Pneumatic Pressure Transmitter

The P-5210 Pressure Transmitter is designed to measure a pressure, convert the measurement into a proportional 3 to 15 PSIG (21 to 105 kPa) output signal, and transmit the signal through air pressure piping to a pneumatic receiver controller or indicator. Pneumatic feedback and a ball type control port are incorporated to provide an exact proportional relationship between the measured pressure and the transmitted signal.

The P-5210 is a low volume output device used with an external .007 in. restrictor. The supply/output signal connection is at the top of the unit, and the measured pressure connection is at the bottom. All models are furnished with a hypodermic needle test point on the air connection to facilitate checking the transmitter output pressure.

The P-5210 provides an accurate linear output pressure signal which is directly proportional to the sensed pressure. The output signal of 3 to 15 PSIG (21 to 105 kPa) is in direct response to pressure changes within the operating range. This output signal is transmitted to a receiver such as an indicator, recorder, controller, or any combination of these instruments.

Replaces Part Number: P-5210-1004