P-8000 Pressure Controller, 2-Positioners, 25 PSIG

P-8000 Pressure Controller, 2-Positioners, 25 PSIG

Code: prc-P-8000-6



Product Description


P-8000 Proportional or Two-Position Pressure Controller

The P-8000 Pressure Controller is designed for a wide range of pressure control applications. The pressure sensing line can be located where extreme conditions do not permit controller mounting or where operational adjustments to the controller would be inconvenient. This instrument is ideally suited for installations that require the controller to be mounted on a local control panel.

Shock and vibration tests have proven the durability of the P-8000. The use of flexure levers reduces hysteresis and friction. The P-8000 is available with a low pressure “L” or a high pressure “H” element assembly.

As the pressure in the sensing line increases or decreases, it is measured by the element diaphragm of the P-8000. The pressure change at the diaphragm is transmitted to a system of flexure levers that open and close the control port. This causes the output pressure of the P-8000 to change according to the measured pressure change.

Replaces Part Number: P-8000-6