P170 Series High Pressure Control, 80#

P170 Series High Pressure Control, 80#

Code: prc-P170AB-12



Product Description

P170 Series High Pressure Control

The P170 controls for high pressure applications are designed primarily for high pressure cut-out control, head-pressure control, and condenser fan cycling control on commercial refrigeration and air conditioning applications.

Controls are available in several pressure Applications ranges and are compatible with most common refrigerants. They may also be used on other non-corrosive fluid applications. Ammonia compatible models are also available.

Several different electrical ratings and switch configurations are available. The P72 models provide direct control of 208-240 volt single-phase motors up to 3 hp, and 208-220 volt 3-phase motors up to 5 hp.

• P70C, P70D P170C and P170D models with Single-Pole Single-Throw (SPST) Open-high switch action are the most popular models, and are typically used for high-pressure cutout. The C models are automatic reset. The D models have a manual reset lockout mechanism. Some P70C, P70D P170C and P170D models are UL Listed as refrigeration pressure limiting controls.
• P70A and P170A models are available with SPST Open-low switch action, and typically are used for condenser fan cycling control.
• P70 and P170 models with Single-Pole Double-Throw (SPDT), or 4-wire, 2-circuit switch action allow users to install alarm devices or other control circuits.
• P72 models have a Double-Pole Single-Throw (DPST) switch with load-carrying contacts that can provide direct control of 208-240 V single-phase motors up to 3 hp, and 208-220 V 3-phase motors up to 5 hp.
NEMA 1 Enclosures are standard on most models

• all-steel case and cover provides long lasting, rugged protection for internal components
• "Sight-Set” calibrated pressure adjustment displays a visible pressure scale, fully adjustable through the range without removing the cover (on NEMA 1 enclosure models)
• manual reset lockout option provides “trip-free” lockout that cannot be overridden or reset until pressure returns to specified level
• variety of available pressure connection styles allows greater flexibility when mounting control and adapting pressure connections to field application requirements

Replaces Part Number: P170AB-12