PA404A PressureTrol® Controller

PA404A PressureTrol® Controller

Code: prc-PA404A1033



Product Description

Manufacturer: Honeywell

PA404A and B PressureTrol® Controllers

The PA404 is a Series 40 (2-wire spst) Pressuretrol® Controller for use in 24, 120, 240, or 277 volt control circuits or in self-powered (millivoltage) applications.

• The PA404A is a pressure actuated high limit, safety control for steam heating boilers; it breaks an electrical circuit to shut down the burner if steam pressure rises above a safe level.
• The PA404B is used with suspension-type unit heaters to make the fan circuit when a pressure rise indicates the presence of steam.
• Each model contails an spst Micro Switch snap-acting switch.
• Sensitive pressure-actuated diaphragm expands or contracts with pressure variations, moving a lever mechanism which operates the snap switch.
• A screw on top of the case allows set point adjustment without removing the cover.
• Differential is adjusted by means of a dial located inside the case.

Replaces Part Number: PA404A1033