N/O Pilot Valve (Carrier / McQuay)

N/O Pilot Valve (Carrier / McQuay)

Code: pvl-V-6040-1



Product Description

V-6040 Pilot Valve


• Compatible with system terminal units; allows Fire Management Override Night Setback
• Adjustable set point for sequencing applications
• Allows upgrading by adding wall mounted room thermostats
• Used with High or Low Volume Controllers

The V-6040 Pilot Valve is designed for use on system powered terminal units. It can be used for normal temperature control and as a failsafe device for fire management systems. Upgraded system powered terminal units consist of duct air valves, thermostat, pressure regulator, in-line filter and the V-6040 pilot valve. The thermostat can be a low or high volume room thermostat using a standard 15 or 20 PSIG (103 or 138 kPa) supply. Duct air valves may be the inflatable air bag type or the dual disc cone type operated by expandable bellows.

Air pressure that operates the duct air valve is taken from the supply duct through the in-line filter and pressure regulator. Duct pressure to the regulator must be 1 to 6 in. WG (.25 to 1.5 kPa).

Heating-Cooling Sequence

Carrier Moduline & Tempmaster Units
With the inflatable air bag in the cold air duct fully inflated, no cold air is introduced into the space. The normally open reheat valve will be open, allowing the space to heat. As temperature increases the T-4002 output pressure will increase, modulating the N.O. reheat valve to a closed position. At 6 PSIG (42 kPa) the reheat valve will be fully closed, and the V-6040 will begin to exhaust air from the air bag in the cold duct to allow cooled air into the space. If the temperature continues to rise, the T-4002 will increase control pressure to the V-6040, causing it to bleed additional air from the air bag allowing more cooled air into the space. At 12 PSIG (83 kPa) output from the T-4002

Johnson T-3900 Systems
When used on a Johnson T-3900 system, the operation is the same; however, a reverse acting thermostat and a normally closed reheat valve are used.

Failsafe Operation Carrier Moduline Units
When the V-6040 Pilot Valve is used as a failsafe device for fire management systems, a low pressure, system powered thermostat is used. On inflatable air bag systems, 20 PSIG (138 kPa) from a fire management/smoke control system, is applied to a normally open V-6040 to close it. During normal operation the duct air valves are controlled by the system powered thermostat. In a failsafe condition the 20 PSIG (138 kPa) is removed from the V-6040 diaphragm which exhausts all pressure from the duct air valves allowing full air flow in the duct to pressurize the surrounding area and seal off the space.

Johnson T-3900 Systems
On T-3900 systems, a normally closed V-6040 is supplied with 20 PSIG (138 kPa) from a fire management/smoke control circuit and the system is controlled by the system thermostat. In a failsafe condition, the 20 PSIG (138 kPa) is removed, allowing the V-6040 to close. The duct air valves will open allowing full air flow in the duct to pressurize the surrounding area to seal off the space.

McQuay Fluidtech Cooling Sequence
On demand for full cooling, the room thermostat will supply full control signal to the V-6040's. This will exhaust air from the black connection of the McQuay fluidic switch and allow the pressure to increase in the white connection. The fluidic switch will then divert system air from the plenum to atmosphere and allow the bellows to exhaust and open the outlet into the space.

Replaces Part Numbers: V-6040-1V-N