Replacement Carbon Filter Element, 10scf

Replacement Carbon Filter Element, 10scf

Code: rcf-A-4000-632



Product Description

Replacement Carbon Filter Element for A-4000 Series Oil Removal and Pressure Reducing Stations & Air Compressor Accessories

The combination of coalescing and activated charcoal filters in series removes both oil aerosols and vapors to provide clean, oil free air for pneumatic control systems. These filters have a maximum input pressure rating of 150 PSIG (1050 kPa) and an upper temperature limit of 125°F (52°C).

Note: The air supply to this filter combination must be from a properly broken in air compressor producing less than 6 ppm aerosol oil (as measured by a Johnson Controls A-4000-120 Oil Indicator on the compressor tank outlet) and must also pass through a properly operating air dryer.

Replaces Part Numbers: A-4000-632