Adding/Subtracting Repeater, 5:1 Ratio

Adding/Subtracting Repeater, 5:1 Ratio

Code: rly-C-5222-3



Product Description

Adding/Subtracting Repeater

The C-5222 Adding/Subtracting Repeater is a low volume output auxiliary device designed to increase or decrease the output pressure of a transmitter at a constant ratio.

The C-5222 is a double spring-loaded, biased repeater. The device is adjusted to bias the output up or down with respect to its input.

The C-5222-1 is used to provide the differential switch point for a solar switching application when two identical range temperature transmitters are used. The 5:1 ratio C-5222-3 can be used to increase the sensitivity of a transmitter for low limit applications. It also provides the low limit set point, and functions as a low signal selector. This prevents the low limit control from interfering with normal control until the low limit temperature is reached.

Replaces Part Number: C-5222-3