T-2100-207 Dial Thermometer

T-2100-207 Dial Thermometer

Code: thm-T-2100-207



Product Description


A28 Series Two-Stage Temperature Controls With NEMA 1 Enclosure

T-2100 Dial Thermometers are available in three mounting configurations: surface mounted, flush/panel mounted, and direct mounted. Each configuration is available with either an 8 ft (244 cm) averaging element or a
“B” bulb element, with a temperature scale of either -40 to 160°F or 40 to 240°F.

The vapor in the sensing element expands or contracts in direct proportion to an increase or decrease in temperature. The force of this expansion or contraction actuates a bourdon tube and, through a series of precision gears, causes the pointer on the gauge face to rotate, giving an accurate temperature reading.

Replaces part number: T-2100-207