Pneumatic Thermostat

Pneumatic Thermostat

Code: thr-T-4756-202



Product Description

HT/CL 15#D/A 20#R/A Vert Dual Pneumatic Thermostat


• Adjustable Sensitivities and Set Points
• Individual Set Points on Dual Temperature Controllers
• Pneumatic Feedback for Greater Accuracy
• Vibration and Shock Resistant Typical Low
• Meets Governmental and Volume Output
Commercial Requirements

• Single or Dual Bimetal Sensing Elements
• Element Identification Labels
• Rugged Construction and Decorative Design

The T-4000 Series Pneumatic Room Thermostats provide individual space temperature control in all types of heating and cooling applications. By producing a proportional output signal, these thermostats modulate  controlled devices in response to load changes in the space. This imposes the least demand on mechanical heating and cooling apparatus. A variety of high volume output and low volume output controllers are available  to meet the functional requirements of any control system. Auxiliary devices are available to perform functions such as two-position action, high-low pressure selection, sequencing, etc.

Replaces Part Numbers: T-4756-202