50-100 T-5002 Room Temperature Transmitter

50-100 T-5002 Room Temperature Transmitter

Code: trn-T-5002-201



Product Description

T-5002 Room Temperature Transmitter

The T-5002 Room Temperature Transmitter measures space or mass temperature and transmits a proportional 3 to 15 PSIG (21 to 105 kPa) output signal to an indicator, receiver-controller, or Building Automation System for automatic temperature control. The space transmitters measure the temperature of the ambient air; the mass transmitters measure the surface temperature of the walls surrounding the space and transmit the signal to an optimal start controller.

The T-5002 room transmitter is installed similarly to the standard T-4000 series thermostats.

The T-5002 has a fixed span and is factory calibrated. The only adjustment necessary is shifting the span for special applications or fine tuning the instrument.
1. Furnish a 20 PSIG (140 kPa) supply pressure to the instrument.
2. Attach a transmission gage (that matches the instrument range) and test probe to the output pressure test connection.
3. Accurately measure the temperature at the element.
4. Find the proper transmission pressure corresponding to the measured temperature. Be sure to use the vertical scale on the graph which matches the range of the transmitter.
5. Turn the zero adjustment screw until the output pressure corresponds to the temperature at the element.

Replaces Part Numbers: T-5002-201