Pneumatic Temperature Transmitter

Pneumatic Temperature Transmitter

Code: trn-T-5210-2003



Product Description

T-5210 Pneumatic Temperature Transmitter


• Ball type control port for increased accuracy
• New lever with reinforced edges for increased linearity
• New bimetal element to compensate for ambient temperature effect
• Integral hypodermic needle test point

The T-5210 Pneumatic Temperature Transmitter is designed to measure a temperature and convert this measurement to an air pressure signal that is transmitted to a pneumatic receiver, controller, or receiver-indicator. When used with a DewcelŇ, the T-5210 can also be used as a dew point transmitter. Pneumatic feedback is incorporated into the transmitter design to provide an exact proportional relationship between the measured temperature and the transmitted signal.

Various models are furnished with appropriate brackets for mounting to ductwork, walls, or directly to the hub of a duct flange or separable well.

The T-5210 operates in any position and should be mounted on a rigid flat surface. The instrument requires a .007 in. restricted supply. Transmitters with averaging elements or bulb elements with 4 ft (122 cm) capillaries are furnished with a sheet metal bracket for surface mounting using #8 sheet metal screws. Using the bracket as a template, mark the two mounting hole locations and drill a 1/8 in. hole at each of the marked positions. Transmitters with bulb elements and 5-1/2 in. (140 mm) capillaries are furnished with an angle bracket for mounting on the hub of a duct flange or separable well. The T-5210 is secured to the flange or well by tightening the spring locknut furnished with the well or flange.

Note: When inserting the bulb into a well other than a Johnson Controls well, fill it one third full of thermal conductive material and insert the bulb until it hits the bottom of the well.

Replaces Part Numbers:  T-5210-2003